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How to run Puppy the very first time

First you must set up the boot sequence in the BIOS. If you do not know how to get into the BIOS-setup, consult the computers manual. Usually you press one of the following keys immediately after switching on the PC: ESC, one of the function keys F1 to F12 or the delete key. At the BIOS-setup you change the boot sequence so that the CD-ROM drive is first and the harddrive is second. Close the BIOS-setup and store the settings.

The PC then usually reboots. Immediately insert the Puppy CD into the CD-ROM drive. If you are too slow your old operating system starts. In this case keep the CD inserted in the CD drive and start the PC again.

Now Puppy should start. During the starting procedure you are requested to choose from a few options such as mouse, country or timezone. The choice for mouse is usually automatic, and you can choose "ps2" even if you have no attached mouse to yout laptop. For other questions, navigate with the cursor keys downward to your choice. Then strike the return-key. Thereafter a further window (Puppy video Wizard) appears, "Xorg" is already highlighted. Press the return-key. Wait some seconds till the next window (Puppy video Wizard) appears. There you navigate with the cursor keys to your screen (LCD panel = flat screen, CRT = standard monitor) and your choice resolution. Then strike the return-key. After some seconds the Puppy desktop appears.

Should Xorg not work on your computer, choose Xvesa. A few seconds later, the Puppy desktop will be displayed using a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. If you wish to use an even higher resolution choose e.g. 1280x1024x24 and click on the button "Change".

After some seconds the Puppy desktop appears again. Click on the OK-button.

Unfortunately, with Xvesa you will have to adjust the keyboard layout if you are not using a US keyboard.

If your PC has 256 MB RAM, Puppy will be loaded completely into RAM (or mounted to the CD/DVD disk if your PC lacks RAM). Your old operating system is not touched, so that you can look safely at Puppy Linux. Now you can take the CD out of the CD drive, unless you do not have enough ram, in which case Puppy will not allow the CD to be ejected.
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